Now that we have a pretty good idea of the dog breed we want for our best friend…….we need to learn how to best take care of our dogs that we want to enjoy indoors. As we all know a small dog is the easiest to take care of like say, in an apartment. So house breaking a puppy should be started the very first day we get him home.

Dogs can be potty trained as early as 7 or 8 weeks old. A puppy wants to follow his master and guess what?…..we are the master and we need to show him “where to go”. We need to show our best friend where to go or he will decide by himself. Of course this is not acceptable but our indoor dog doesn’t know that going on the carpet is not acceptable. We have to communicate what his only option is. We want to give our puppy only one option……an option that WE choose.

All dogs have a natural instinct not “to go” where they sleep or spend most of their time. They have a strong sense of smell and have a tendency to want to go where they or others have gone before. We can use these tendencies in several ways.

Indoor dog crate training is the best way to potty train your dog because, like we discussed above, they do not want “to go” where they sleep or spend their time. This dog crate or dog kennel is going to be your puppy training helper. Your crate or kennel will be a place where you can keep your indoor dog while you are at work or at the grocery store or out for dinner. This crate can also be used as a carrier or as a place to place your dog while you travel in your car. You can get your crate at your local pet store or better yet, you can get your crate or kennel online where there is much more information as to the correct size or the correct material used in making your crate. See the website I found to be the cheapest and most informative place to get your crate or kennel by Clicking Here .

Next important point in potty training your indoor dogs is to pay attention to your dogs tendencies. Your dog will let you know when he “has to go”. You need to watch him in the beginning to see if he does certain things before he actually goes. If you see your puppy circling and smelling around, guess what…….he’s telling you he is looking for a place. You need to react and show your puppy where to releave his self.. You make the decision, not him :o) Be ready to take him to your designated area when he wakes up, after he eats or drinks or after playing or exercising.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes time to potty train your puppy.  I can’t cover all the best ways to do this in my little blog but here is a digital down loadable manual that I have found to be very informative and worth the small cost to help you do things the right way the first time.  This manual covers so much in a professional manner, much better then I can so CLICK HERE to get an introduction to a world of information.  If you spend some time going through the information provided by this manual, you will have a great experience right from the get-go with your new best friend!! Enjoy!!!

Exercising Your Small or Large Dog Indoors!

Posted April 17th, 2011 by indoordogs

Now that we have been able to teach our indoor dogs how to be nice and go where they are supposed to……..we now want to keep our dogs happy by keeping them in shape. How do we keep an apartment dog or small dog or even a large dog happy living inside? The truth is, it just takes GIVING THEM A LITTLE ATTENTION. This attention comes in the form of exercise. UGH you say, exercise? That sounds like work. Well, guess what, you will enjoy it as much as your dogs will!! How is this you say? Well read on…………

Dogs and especially puppies, weather they live indoors or outdoors, are fun to watch. Have you ever been to your local park and watch a guy throw his Frisbee as hard as he can over the head of his streaking dog? Have you seen that same dog run as fast as he can to catch that Frisbee for his master? BOTH the dog and the owner are having a blast to see how far and how fast that dog can run to make that once in a lifetime diving, running catch. Which catch will be the “catch of the day”? Nobody knows and nobody really cares because everyone, even the onlookers, are having fun watching them both play. And as I am sure you have already guessed, that dog and yes the owner too are getting their daily exercise!! How simple is that?

As we all have figured out an indoor dog has more challenges, being indoors all the time, to find a way to get his exercise. But think of this. A dog inside all day can still play catch!! I know my dogs and I play catch all the time. We even bounce the ball off the wall to see if “Mimi” or “Woody” can catch the ball AFTER bouncing off the wall. Mimi, being a small dog has been known to FLIP, along with the ball, coming off the way. What fun and what great exercise for both of us……….all indoors!!

We also have stairs at our house so I can stand at the top of the stairs, throw the ball down the stairs and watch as my “kids” run down the stairs, track down the ball and come running back up the stairs to do it all over again. Believe me, this “exercise” will wear out the healthiest dog known to man!

If space is very limited, there is the ole tug of war game we can play. Your dog will love this exercise. I do not need to give you much direction here, just tie a few old rags together or use one of your dogs favorite toys will do the trick and play………. take away. Your dog will get the hint faster then you can imagine!

We also play hide and seek, while at the same time, practicing the sit/stay command. I put them in a hard sit/stay position, go hide their favorite toy and them whistle and watch them come a running. They never tire of this game. And Pssssst…….neither do I!!!

As you can see, there are lots of games we can play indoors with our dogs. WE can keep them healthy and keep them happy by just paying attention to them and enjoying ourselves at the same time. A VERY IMPORTATNT side benefit to all this fun is that I too get MY exercise. And I do not even realize it! Fun, fun , fun…… it. AND it gets me away from that TV too!!

That’s about it on exercising your dog. So until next time……..ENJOY YOUR friendly FRIENDS!!!

Here are my two indoor dogs.  I have already introduced you to Mimi, the Yorkshire Terrier.  I will introduce Woody to you soon!

Woody and Mimi

Woody and Mimi

How do we take care of the Indoor Dogs that we choose?

Posted March 18th, 2011 by indoordogs

We pretty much came up with some great ideas on the breed of our indoor dogs but we are not done!! We also want to take care of our indoor dogs. If you remember, we placed a lot of emphasis on the breed of our dogs because we want a dog that is most suited for indoors. If you are keeping your dogs indoors like in an apartment, then of course we have to know a few very important facts to make this a great experience for us and our dogs weather they are big or small dogs.

Some common questions are:

#1 How do we potty train our dogs?
#2 How do we exercise our dogs?
#3 What kind of dog food is best for our small dogs or how about the large dog we love?
#4 Are dog crates a good idea to help train and house your dogs while we are gone?
#5 Can we control our dogs barking indoors?
#6 What kind of collar is best for our dogs?
#7 How important is a doggie coat for running outdoors or for that nice walk in the park.

Over the next few pages, we are going to answer these questions. If we do this in an orderly manner, we can make our new friend a FRIEND FOR LIFE!!

My daughter and her favorite “Mimi”

We pretty much covered the different questions that need to be answered about your indoor dogs. In this post I am going to begin to answer the questions we have come up with so far.

The first thing we need to decide is: What dog breed do we want.

We have to decide if we want a small dog or a large dog. Most people will want a smaller dog for apartment living and people that have a large back yard can expand their pick of dogs to include larger dogs.

Lets start with the smaller dogs. The general consensus of the top 10 indoor dogs are:

#10 Yorkshire Terrier. This is my favorite indoor dog. As I mentioned before “Mimi” has been my best friend for many years. A Miniature Yorkshire has the advantage that they exercise themselves within the home. They are smart dogs and easily trained. They have long hair but do not shed. You can trim their hair to compliment their own personality. AND I must say, they are so, so cute!!

#9 Toy Manchester Terrier. This dog has the advantage of being a beautiful dog with slim lines and a body that always seems to be in motion. Not big eaters but lots of energy non the less. They hate the cold but will run when it gets the chance.

#8 Chinese Crested Dog. This dog is a real family dog. Always willing to please and a loving dog. Gets plenty of exercise in the house with just some playful games between you and your dog. Needs a sweater when he goes outside in the winter!

#7 Shih Tzu. This dog is a very friendly lapdog. Spunky yet lovable. Not much for the outdoors but a very active indoor dog.

#6 Lhasa Apso. The Lhasa is a bold, independent dog that becomes a tough character with age. For sure likes playing indoors!

#5 Boston Terrier. A very playful dog that has a tendency to bark more then you would like. But well mannered otherwise.

#4 Bulldog. This is one of your more docile dogs. As a more mellow indoor dog, he is still a prize to have around but does like to hit the outdoors once a day if possible.

#3 English Toy Spaniel. This dog has a great reputation for being a known breed. Everyone knows about a Spaniel. The Toy is especially charming in looks and character. A great lap dog!

#2 Basset Hound. We have all seen this easygoing dog. They are very docile but do like a little walk everyday. But remember, he wants to relax!

#1 Pekingese. This is your #1 dog for our list of great indoor dogs. He is loving and always wants to be held and cuttled. Perfect indoor companion. He would rather be with you then be alone!

Hi Again.  After I wrote this post I had several dog “searchers” wanting more info on choosing a dog breed.  Although I know a lot about dogs, I thought it only appropriate for me to research a great resource to hep anyone and everyone…..make that most important decision.  Here is the best of the best JUST CLICK HERE!!

What are better than indoor dogs? An indoor dog can be with you day and night. He can be a loving companion and give you hours of fun.

But, what breed of dog is best for you? Do you want a small dog or do you want a larger dog? A long haired dog or a short haired dog?

Do you want a dog that can be easily trained and easily groomed? Puppy training can be a lot of fun when you see your puppy roll over for the first time.

You can’t be home all the time so maybe we need to learn about crate training or maybe use a dog kennel.

How about the right dog food? How about the right amount of exercise for the breed of dog that you have chosen.

Dogs need treats too. Which ones work best to teach your dog new tricks?

All of the above questions need answers to give you the most enjoyment with your indoor dogs. If you can keep your dog happy, you will be happy. A family dog can be enjoyed better if you pick a breed that is low maintenance and one that doesn’t bark all the time.

In short, this web site will answer these questions and many more. My experience will help make your first dog a fun experience. Remember, your first dog can be with you for many years and breaking him in right can prove to be very rewarding for many years to come.